Getting in and out of vehicle

Getting in a vehicle

1. Get as close to the vehicle as possible

2. Back up to the seat until you feel it behind your legs

3. Hold onto a stable fixture, like the door frame. Don’t hold onto the car door, as it is unstable

4. Sit down slowly, avoid using abdominal muscles

5. Bring your legs inside the car

Note: Getting in and out of a truck/van will be different than getting in/out of a smaller carWoman carefully getting into a car.

Getting out of vehicle


1. Rotate to the side facing the door


2. Scoot towards the edge of the seat


3.Bring legs outside of car


4. Hold onto a stable fixture (door frame)


5. Slowly rise out of the car, avoid using abdominal muscles



If you have trouble rotating forward in the seat, placing a plastic grocery bag or trash bag on the seat, can help reduce friction and make rotating easier

You may feel more comfortable with a pillow over your abdomen under the seat belt



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