Top 10 Tips For Relaxation

1) Wait approximately 2 hours after a meal as the digestive process can interfere with relaxation
2) Choose a quiet place free from distraction
3) Since body temperature drops during relaxation, ensure the room is warm enough or cover yourself with a light blanket
4) Clothing may need to be loosened & glasses/jewelry removed
5) Find a comfortable position, either in sitting or lying. If sitting have your head supported
6) Close/cover your eyes to avoid distraction
7) Maximum benefit is achieved by doing at least 20 minutes every day
8) Practice your chosen technique. Like anything new, it may take a few sessions to achieve the desired result
9) If you have any muscle weakness or spasms avoid tensing prior to relaxing

Lowe and colleagues describe sleep disturbances as the most common post-transplant problem reported in 45% of patients. However, sleep reversal is a recognized symptom of liver disease in the pre-transplant period. Bonsel and colleagues found that the general population rated their sleep deficit at less than 15%, patients on the waiting list were rated at 42%; this improved to 14% at 3 months post-transplant and then continued to improve. (Van Ginneken et al., 2010)(Bonsel, Essink-Bot, Klompmaker, & Slooff, 1992)

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