Initial funding for this project came from “Friends of Patty Scott”. Karl Mann, Pattywith postermy husband, raised the funds in 2004 to support a transplant house in Broward Florida. In 2013 Karl received a letter from the Transplant Foundation INC. stating the transplant house was no longer in the plan of the Foundation.  Karl  knew my dream was to create a website to share the information I have gathered through my research and my own experiences. He decided to use these funds to build this website. Importantly the website would address not only patient issues, but support the needs of friends and family of people going through the process.

Our hope is that people who find this a useful website, and who can afford to help, will help us to continue the work and keep this website updated and keep adding features. The initial donations to the “Friends of Patty Scott” ranged from $10-$500. No matter how much, all donations help.

Donations will be used to allow me to pay the webmaster and add new features. This is not a profit making venture. I just hope to break even. The more patient stories I can add, and the more I can keep people up to date with the latest evidence, than I will accomplish my goal. I am in the process of applying for not-for-profit status.

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